I have discovered a new company in Vancouver, BC, Canada that offers Freestanding Wood Bathtubs and Wood Sinks.  They have a incredible selection and a lots of Wood Types to choose from. I enjoyed the warmth and natural look of the bathroom. Definitely worth looking into it if you want to transform your bath into a more natural, relaxation-focused room.
The added bonus is that all their Wooden Bathtubs and Wooden Sinks are made in Germany and shipped directly to your home.

Have a look at their website:     www.thewoodenbathroom.com

Frameless Doors - A Hidden or Concealed Frame

We are now offering a wide variety of Frameless Doors. Any door design works with our Concealed (Hidden) door jamb.
Most commonly used frameless door designs are Flush Door Panels that visually lie in the plane of the wall. The picture below shows it best.
Our frameless system is made to fit 5 different wall thicknesses and is easy to work with.
So, if you would like to know more please call us anytime at 604-653-3414. We are Vancouver based but supply our frameless doors all across Canada and the USA.
Frameless Doors Canada Vancouver
Frameless Door - Door Jamb is not visible.
New Cross Grain, also called Horizontal Grain Doors from Germany are here. We have added Vintage Oak and Polar Oak. There are many more finishes in Real Wood Veneers and Laminate Veneers.
Magnetic Locks and Concealed Hinges are readily available and help to perfect an already beautiful, yet simple, door design.

For all our options please visit us at our main page and have a at our 3 door catalogs.
Horizontal Grain Wood Doors Vancouver Canada
Horizontal Grain Doors
MID has updated their Frameless Glass Door Collection. We now feature new Laminate Finishes like Vintage Oak or Limed Larch. Glass can be Clear or Satin Etch Obscure.
We supply all our doors Pre-Finished with Frame and Stainless Steel Hardware. That means you only have to install them - no painting or staining required.
Concealed Hinges and Magnetic Locks are available for any model.

Visit us in our Richmond showroom and have a look at our catalogs for all the choices on our main page:
Frameless Glass Doors Vancouver Canada
Top & Bottom Frameless Glass Doors
MID has updated their Metal Inlay Door Collection. We now feature more variety than ever with 22 Metal Configurations and Wood Finishes like Vintage Oak.
We supply all our doors Pre-Finished with Frame and Stainless Steel Hardware. All you need to do is install them.
Concealed Hinges and Magnetic Locks are available for any model.
Grains can run vertical or horizontal.

Visit us in our Richmond showroom and have a look at our catalogs for all the choices on our main page:

Modern Metal Inlay Doors Vancouver Canada
Metal Inlay Choices

White Oak and Black Walnut Interior Doors On Sale from now till Christmas 2016

These Contemporary Interior Doors feature Horizontal or Vertical Grain Wood. A matching door frame and trims are included. Everything comes pre-stained and as an extra bonus we are including Hidden (Concealed) Hinges and Stainless Steel Hardware.
We offer these doors at a $500 discount per door. Perfect for your upcoming renovation.
White Oak and Walnut Modern Door Sale in Vancouver, Canada
Contemporary Interior Door Sale
We have now added a new line of doors to our collection: High Security Armoured Entry Doors

We feel, that there need to be more good looking, high security entry door options on the market, especially in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Our entry doors combine a strong steel core with interchangeable Wood, Aluminum or Steel surface panels. You can have a different look on the outside and inside of the house. Combine a warm wood inside with a modern black painted finish outside, for example.

5 Pin Mortise locks and anti-lever pins give our entry doors a burglar resistance that is unsurpassed in Vancouver, BC. In fact not many Entry Doors in North America can boast our level of technology.
We are specializing in renovations and upgrades to your existing entry door. You can choose between many styles and different transom and sidelight options.
Backup Solutions
We provide backup solutions for all computers, workstations and servers - not just copying files to another location.  We take backups of the computer, and everything on it, on a regular schedule.  The backups are then kept on dedicated redundant storage devices.  Files, and even entire operating systems, can be restored quickly this way.
Everyday IT Support
Your company might not really need a full time IT person, yet still you rely on computers enough to warrant IT attention now and again?  We offer IT support for workstations and servers.  We also offer assistance for Office products like Outlook and Excel.
Business Labour Tracking
From large to small businesses, time keeping and labour tracking can be a daunting task.  Sometimes the hand written timesheet is just not working.  Electronic time keeping can speed up turn around times for payroll, simplify reporting and even allow for the introduction of incentive rate programs.  And that, in turn, leads to reduced costs for your business.  Labour tracking can be simple or complex and we can find something that will work for you.
Solutions for Agriculture and Food Processing
We have the experience when it comes to the food industry, specifically the produce traceability initiative (PTI).  If you are in the business of packaging and selling food products to retailers or wholesalers then you will be familiar with PTI and its requirements.  Making sure that boxes, trays and crates are labeled correctly is vital in remaining compliant with food safety regulations.  We offer custom software solutions as well as integration with in-line printers to help keep you compliant and efficient. 
We are proud to announce a new partner in form of a Computer and PC expert.
Providing friendly and prompt solutions to Computer related issues in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.
Home and Business Services provided include but are not limited to the following:

Data Recovery
Virus Removal
File Back Ups
Computer Upgrades
Server Upgrades

We look forward to helping you with all your computer needs.
Freddy Hubert - Owner
Stars Stretch Ceiling Vancouver
A Night Sky with a Stretch Ceiling
A fresh new look from 'Clipso' now in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Transform your old ceiling or wall into a work of art with a stretch ceiling. Discover what you can now do with your home.

We serve Greater Vancouver and all of BC and offer competitive pricing and installation for your project.

Give us a call or visit our showroom.

Tel: 778-251-0032