MID has updated their Frameless Glass Door Collection. We now feature new Laminate Finishes like Vintage Oak or Limed Larch. Glass can be Clear or Satin Etch Obscure.
We supply all our doors Pre-Finished with Frame and Stainless Steel Hardware. That means you only have to install them - no painting or staining required.
Concealed Hinges and Magnetic Locks are available for any model.

Visit us in our Richmond showroom and have a look at our catalogs for all the choices on our main page:
Frameless Glass Doors Vancouver Canada
Top & Bottom Frameless Glass Doors


11/01/2016 12:59pm

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04/01/2017 5:46am

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11/05/2016 2:44pm

The collection of Frameless Glass Doors is fantastic. All the designs are just amazing. The Concealed Hinges and Magnetic Locks are a good addition to these doors. These doors are of fine quality and durable. Glass enhances the beauty of doors and house.

04/03/2017 6:15am

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