Did you know:

  • Several hundred compounds affect taste, colour, and mouth-feel of wine.
  • The Beach Boys 1976 song – ‘Good Vibrations’, is not good for wine.  It wants to lay still.
  • You’re not a wine expert until you’ve read: Phytochemistry, Volume 64, Issue 7, December 2003, Pages 1179-1186
“I don’t care,” you say, “just pass me the bottle.”


But, so what?


Historically the storage of wine was handled by wine merchants.  Since the mid-20th century, however, consumers are increasingly storing their own wine in home-based wine cellars.

Problem:  Wine stored in too warm a room, say 18 C and more, is prone to ‘cook’, losing flavour and balance.  For example, a Beaujolais’ ideal storing temperature is about 12 C.   How to ensure the best temperature for your wine?

Problem:  If cork is not kept moist, air is prone to seep into the bottle, affecting the taste.  While not scientific, it is generally accepted the optimum relative humidity at which wine should be stored is 75%.  Russian wine writer, Alexis Lachine, went so far as to recommend spreading 1.5 cm of gravel on the cellar’s floor and periodically sprinkle it with water.  If your cousin Vinnie is in the lawn irrigation business …

Problem:  Strong sunlight and incandescent lighting are taboo, as they adversely react with wine’s phenolic compounds, creating a wine fault.  For that reason, wine is stored in light green and blue coloured bottles, acting as sunglasses, if you will.

The overarching problem is:  How to ensure your wine cellar’s doorway keeps temperature, humidity, and light at generally accepted optimum conditions, to prevent tainting of your prized wine collection?


The solution is Simple!  Profound! 

Lebo’s rabbetted door panel closes against a gasket mounted to its frame on two vertical and top sides.  This virtually guarantees no light, air, and dust or humidity flows out of or into your wine cellar.

What about the ½”(1.25 cm) space under the door?

Lebo doors offer an optional lowerable floor closure seal!  Activated on the hinge side and bottom of the door leaf, the seal drops 5/8” (16 mm), against a … to give additional help to maintaining the desired temperature, humidity and light, an atmosphere to preserve a grand wine for its time.


What this means to you is the bottle of wine that cost you your inheritance is secure in your wine cellar, secured by Lebo’s ingenuity.  (You didn’t expect me to say anything less, did you?)


Don’t believe me!

Come and see!

Tell me what you think!

You’ll decide one of two things:  1)  I’m in need of truth serum, or 2)  You need the benefits of this innovative and life improving Interior Door!

The truth is, Phytochemistry won’t matter, the Beach Boys will sound better than ever, and the several hundred compounds will be in full retreat as you cry …

“I don’t care, pass me the bottle!”

Lebo Frames & Doors

Simple!  Profound!

by:  John J Friesen



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